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Easton Arts Academy Elementary Charter School

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Provide a rich & comprehensive educational program for students in grades K-4. We do this by employing an intensive artistic immersion program. A rigorous & traditional academic program will be enhanced with rich, varied, weekly experiences in dance, instrumental music, visual art, vocal music, theatre & gymnastics. Each student will be provided with a broad introduction to the arts, in order to enhance their future academic success.

Our Model

Every student will receive 80 minutes to two hours of artistic training each school day. Students will receive training in all of the arts. No tryouts or auditions are required. However, students should demonstrate a special interest or enthusiasm for the arts. In accordance with state & charter law, all students residing in the state of Pennsylvania are eligible to apply.

Our Experience

Dr. Lubben, the founder, has successfully opened three art focused charter schools in the Lehigh Valley. He began his work with charter schools in 1996, while charter school laws were still being developed. He opened the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Performing Arts in 2003. After serving as their Superintendent, until 2010. Dr. Lubben proceeded to open a 5-8 Middle School for the Arts in Salisbury in 2012. In September, 2015 Dr. Lubben opened a K-5 Arts Academy Elementary School in Allentown.

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Location: 30 N. 4th Street - Easton, PA
Mailing Address: PO Box 1208 - Easton, PA 18044
Phone: 484-264-7302

Website: www.easton-arts-charter-school.com

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