Easton Arts Academy Charter School - FAQs

What is the cost of the Easton Arts Academy Elementary Charter School?
Charter Schools are "no cost" tuition to qualified students! In fact, over six years (K-4), students will receive over 1,600 hours of "free" artistic training, saving parents over $50,000 in private lessons.

Who is eligible to attend?

All Pennsylvania school students, special needs or academic grades ARE NOT considered in the enrollment process.

What is the Dress Code?

Dress down casual attire tastefully worn & sensible shoes.

PA public school lunch program-  Easton Charter School
Will there be a lunch program?

We will adhere to the PA public school lunch guidelines.

Will busing be provided?

Yes, in accordance with state determined distance boundaries.

What grades will be offered at the school?

Easton Arts Academy Charter school will be for grades K-4.

Where is the school located?

The location of the school will be the former site of the Express Times building, 30 N. Fourth Street, Easton, PA.

What Arts will the school offer?

Dance, figure skating, gymnastics, instrumental music, theatre, design & digital art, vocal music.

How do I pre-enroll my child?

You can pre-enroll now online under the "Enroll" tab of this website. You can also pre-enroll at one of our open houses, to be announced (TBA).

When is the school opening?

September 2017

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Contact Easton Arts Academy Icons

Location: 30 N. 4th Street - Easton, PA
Mailing Address: PO Box 1208 - Easton, PA 18044
Phone: 484-546-4230

Website: www.easton-arts-charter-school.com

E-mail: info@easton-arts-charter-school.com